What is PepePains Meaning in Twitch Chat

PepePains Meaning in Twitch Chat

You might be wondering what is Peepains Meaning in Twitch Chat. Why do Twitch players ask their viewers to spam the Twitch chat with Peepains?

Twitch players usually use emotes to express their emotions in live streams you might have noticed this if you use Better Twitch TV (BTTV).

Players have a wide range of emotes to choose from in Twitch Chat. Among them PepePains emote is mostly used to express Cringe moments.

PepePains is one of the most popular emotes among Twitch players and can be used after connecting FrankerFaceZ to Twitch, it’s a part of the third-party extension.

PepePains Meaning in Twitch Chat

When a Twitch streamer or viewer uses PepePains in Twitch chat it is a way of reacting that the moment is cringy. Basically, it’s a way of expressing your feeling with the help of emotes to the ongoing Livestream. Such as awkward moments.

PepePains is actually derived from Pepe the frog an internet meme that took off as a comic in 2005. After watching its face you can easily see the way.

By looking at PepePains emote you can see Pepe the frog’s teeth all out & how it is squeezing its eyes. A perfect way to react to haha or cringy moments.

How it started – PepePains

PepePains emote just took off to rise in the last 3 years as this emote is frequently being used by xQc’s and its viewers.

Despite it being requested to be removed because of the spamming of PepePains in Twitch Chat. It was successfully removed but no one could actually stop viewers from using this emote. Hence it is still being used widely.

Pepe the frogs emoted has been labeled as a hate symbol as it has been used by people in communities to spread hate.

So we tried to best explain PepePains Meaning in Twitch Chat. This was it we covered in this page how and why PepePains is used significantly.

We don’t gurantee above information is 100% accurate. Thanks!

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