How to Learn Directional Air Roll in Rocket League

I’m going to try and let you know how to learn directional air roll in Rocket League his mechanic is super tricky and there are lots of videos on youtube but they all seem to cover different things so I thought why not break them all down into one blog and try and help you understand the way its mechanic works.

For those of you out there who are still wondering.

Why it’s worth your time to learn directional air roll?

It’s quite simple, we have made a list below to help you understand:

  • It gives you complete control over the 3d motion of your vehicle.
  • It gives you vehicle directional layer roll just by pressing down the button this leaves your analog stick free to control the angles in between the role of your car the side-to-side motion and the pitch of your car which is the nose and tail motion.
  • It helps you in certain goal saves and recoveries.

What are the best settings for directional air roll?

To master this mechanic you need to bind directional air roll to a button, in the below steps we will explain completely:

  • Go into Settings.
  • Now go to Controls, and click View/Change Bindings.
  • Scroll down to air roll right & air roll left.
  • Check to what Air roll buttons are bound to, you can change them to whatever you want.
  • We recommend changing the air roll right button to R1 and the air roll left to x.

Now that you have bounded Air roll buttons in Rocket league you can start by slowing down the game speed.

There are two ways to slow the game speed down

If you’re on the console you need to create a private match further try the below steps:

  • Go into Mutator Settings.
  • Change boost amount to unlimited.
  • Change Match Length to unlimited.
  • Now change the game speed to Slow-mo.

If you’re on the PC try these steps

  • If you have a Backus mod click on the current game tab.
  • Then drag the game speed slider down to about 50 percent.

How to Learn Directional Air Roll in Rocket League

So now we can start practicing, and jump into free play but I recommend a large non-standard map like throwback stadium because you’ll have more room to move around before you crash start on one end of the field and fly from goal to goal whilst holding the directional air roll button but don’t worry about moving your analog stick, for now, switch between ball cam and car cam as you need and just try to keep your camera straight feather your boost as well.

If you want to the reason for all of this is so that you can get an idea of how your car rotates once you’ve done this for a bit then you can start moving your analog stick around to see how your car changes on its angle and trajectory whilst holding directional aero move your stick in one direction and hold it there reset your car so that you are spinning straight up and try another adjustment I suggest moving your stick up then down then side to side and finally diagonally to see what every adjustment does to your car moves differently if your wheels are facing towards you so one adjustment on your analog stick can do multiple things depending upon where your car is in its rotation.

It’s not that every input is exactly reversed when your wheels are facing toward you but it definitely makes things more difficult if you can confidently control your car in the air when you can’t see your roof then it will help you to learn directional air roll quicker one thing you can do is only move your analog stick when your roof is facing towards you this makes it easier to learn the muscle memory because you won’t have to deal with one input doing multiple things.

Once you’re more confident making those adjustments with your roof facing towards you then start making adjustments with your wheels facing towards you eventually you’ll be able to combine the muscle memory to have full control over directional error try hugging the wall and flying around the edge of the map whilst using directional air roll but make sure that you’re moving your analog stick as well if you’re only pressing down the button then you aren’t getting in the repetitions at a key to building the muscle memory.

The corners on the map are the hardest parts to move around simply because there are more adjustments required to do so it could take one hour or 50 hours until you’re able to fly like this no doubt it’s pretty boring but I promise you’ll start to see improvement as you’re building muscle memory without even knowing it if your camera or car ends up on a strange angle then don’t just reset every time always try and recover out of that angle and continue on this was the best piece of advice that I ever received when starting out with this mechanic because every time you end up in an awkward situation trying to recover helps you to learn that specific adjustment.

If you just reset every time then you’re not building the muscle memory for that angle once you’re confident flying around like this then your best bet is to start training in a custom map I like rings 3 by DMC because others than just being fun it isn’t as punishing as some of the other rings maps that you’ll come across.

It gives you more time to recover your car before automatically resetting your rings is without a doubt the best way to train this mechanic and it’s also way more fun than just flying around in the air if you’re on a console then obviously rings maps aren’t an option for you but try the pillars map in free play instead start in the middle of the map and then fly in a figure eight motion around the pillars you’ll be forced to make a load of adjustments you otherwise wouldn’t come across just flying through the air in a standard map redirects is also a good way to train directional aero the redirects pack by pokizo is one of my all-time favorites.

If you try and score the goal whilst holding directional air roll the entire time then you’ll be building muscle memory while hitting absolute bangers it’s a win-win really you may have noticed on my controller overlay that my analog stick tends to move in circular motions around the edge of where it sits only occasionally does the stick actually pass through the center and there’s a good reason for this moving your analog stick in circular motions keeps your car movement fluid or smashing your analog stick from one side to the other can make your car jerky in the air.

It’s also worth noting that you should be making adjustments on both sides of your analog stick you’ll see that I definitely favor the left-hand side and this is a bad habit that I developed if you’re adjusting your car with both sides of your analog stick then you won’t end up with the same problem as me it will also make sure that you are yeah I’m saying it again building all of the necessary muscle memory to mask this mechanic and not just some of it chances are that when you first start getting comfortable with directional air roll.

You’re going to attempt all of your aerial plays whilst holding it this is definitely a good thing because you’ll learn it quicker however i’m going to completely contradict myself here and say that once you really are comfortable with this mechanic back off and only use it when you need it i personally know a couple of people who have a bad habit of tornado spinning 24 7 and they complain that it messes up a lot of their first touches in the air i’ve also quite literally spun around the ball and missed open nets because i was unnecessarily holding directional air off even though you and i see pro players tornadoes spinning almost every time they leave the ground in rlcs those guys live in a whole different world just like any other mechanic directional air roll is there for you when you need it but it shouldn’t be used all of the time well i really hope that this video helped you if you’re trying to learn directional air roll in rocket league this is my first ever crack of content like this i’ve lots more plans so if you like what you see then feel free to bookmark our site. Thanks for your time.

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