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How to get the Error Badge In Doors

Whatsup guys so you guys want to know how to get the error badge in Doors. We are here to help you out. Error badge is an achievement unlocked when players encounter glitches in Roblox Doors.

Roblox Doors is a horror game experience developed by LSPLASH. Players are expected to reach 100 doors of hotels or rooms and have to avoid entities.

How to get the Error Badge In Doors

To earn this Error badge in Doors players need to start a round with other players in Roblox Doors. To start a round you need to get into the elevator.

Don’t forget you need at least one more player for the Error Badge. After starting the round you will see a loading screen afterward you need to wait in the lobby. Stand still in the lobby and wait to let other players go through 4-5 Doors without you.

Now that another player is going through Doors and you are waiting, Error will teleport you to that player. Hence you will get the Error Badge in Doors.

You will see a message on the top right corner of the screen Unlocked Achievement. So this was how you can encounter glitches and get this achievement.

This was how to get the error badge in Doors I hope it works and you are satisfied we will upload more amazing Roblox guides to help you throughout your game.

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