How to Fix “Name Change Failed” in World War 3

Hello everyone, so you guys are here to fix the common error “Name Change Failed” in World War 3 that nowadays many players are facing. This September 2022 WW3 turned into a free-to-play game, obviously, that attracted tons of new players to try it & enjoy one of the best tactical online multiplayer fps games to date.

So in this guide, we will know what might have gone wrong while you try to change your nickname & how to get it fixed right now!

Why are you unable to change your nickname in World War 3?

As I already mentioned before WW3 has successfully attracted tons of new players hence the server has a lot of burden on it furthermore

here’s a list of what might have gone wrong:

  • The server might be experiencing issues or got slow because of high traffic.
  • Your nickname might be offensive or goes against community guidelines.
  • Shifting the server to a new server or upgrading it.

We have discussed the issues so let’s now talk that what you can do to fix it.

How to fix “Name Change Failed” in World War 3

Enough of waiting now we are getting straight into how you can fix the “Name Change Failed” error in World War 3:

  • You can try relaunching World War 3 and then try changing your nickname.
  • Try your best to use a friendly name that no one is offended by.
  • Wait and try again after scheduled maintenance you can check it here or let the server get less overloaded.

I hope this guide might have helped you resolve your issue.

In case you need more help try contacting:

MY.GAMES support here:

Or try contacting them on Twitter:

Lastly, you can join the Discord server for much more:

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