How do I Fix “An error occurred while communicating with our server” in SkullGirls

In this guide you will be able to fix "An error occurred while communicating with our server" in skullgirls

Nowadays players are experiencing some issues with the game such as “Error code: 504” in Skull Girls Mobile. Are you encountering it in some other context? Additionally, have you tried any troubleshooting steps already to fix the issue? If not, in this guide we will help you solve your problem of “An error occurred while communicating with our server” in Skull girls.

So just before I dive into the issue I will give a short you can directly go to the steps sections if you want. Skullsgirls is an amazing Fighting RPG where players are in a team and are supposed to knock out their opponents within a specific time for a victory.

Fixing “An error occurred while communicating with our server” in SkullGirls

Don’t worry guys it might not be a big issue in the first place. We will guide you ultimately to get rid of this issue completely. So let’s get started.

Here are some methods to fix this Error:

Update The Game:

  • Go to the play store on your mobile.
  • In the search bar type Skullgirls.
  • Now find & update it.

Force Stop it Clear Cache & Data:

  • Head over to your mobile settings.
  • Now in manage apps find Skullgirls.
  • Press it and force stop the app clear cache & data as well.

Switch The Network Connection:

  • Swipe your notification bar.
  • Now if you are using Mobile data switch to Wi-Fi.
  • If using Wi-Fi switch to Mobile data.

Here’s one more solution you can try.

Turn on/off flight mode:

  • It’s somewhat similar to switching the network connection.
  • Hover over to the notification bar.
  • Once turned on & off your flight mode.

So in these methods, you can fix the issue “An error occurred while communicating with our server” in SkullGirls.

I hope it helped you guys if we get to know more solutions surely we will update this page. So consider saving our page so that it helps you in the future as well.

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