How Do I Extract in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker is an Unforgiving Hardcore First-Person Fantasy Dungeon Adventure game. In this game, you can’t afford to die as it results in losing your gear. Therefore extract option is needed so you can safely escape rival players & mobs.

In this guide, we will try to solve your query on how do I extract in Dark and Darker, so that you can dodge looters and sell gold to merchants.

Extracting in Dark and Darker

To extract players need to wait for numerous portals that spawn randomly on the map. These portals are not easy to find but don’t worry a message will appear on your screen which will let you know the blue headstone location from the map.

Once you find the exact location, activate it using blue stone which will come out of the ground. Now press F from the keyboard to open the blue portal, go inside and your loot will be extracted.

Its opposite is red portals accessing it means you will get to a more rigid floor with much better loot. So that’s it for extraction in the dark the darker.

I tried to keep it simple and easy hope you guys liked it, let us know in the comment section if this guide was helpful.

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