Sea Of Thieves: How Do I Best Use Eye Of Reach

A complete guide on how to Best Use Eye Of Reach in Sea of Thieves

Wondering why a lot of people use Eye Of Reach and why you can’t get the best out of it. Don’t worry we are here to solve your problem hence here is a complete guide on Eye of Reach.

So you guys reached here because you want to know how you guys can use Eye Of Reach in Sea Of Thieves to its full potential and get the most out of it. So in this guide, I will give you tips and tricks to get better at aiming while using the eye of reach in Sea Of Thieves because it’s time to rule the sea.

How Do I Best Use Eye Of Reach

I made some tips & tricks list to make it easier for you to understand, so you could get better at using Eye Of Reach:

  • First & foremost, you need to set your sniper settings to “High” and get used to it so you could get better at performing quicker fights plus you would give opponents a tough time in close-range fights.
  • Next, please stop scoping for a long time instead try to aim from the hip which certainly means always aiming from the center of the screen like before even opening scopes and its center should always be on your opponent. As you get good at it, this would allow you to take more wild shots and your natural reaction would be to the next level like flicking and dragging.
  • Lastly, aiming in CFDs is almost of no benefit so you can try a free game on steam called Aim. This is an amazing aiming sandbox game that allows you to get a bit better at taking your shots and of course, it will improve your reaction time as well. It will overall enhance your in-game shooting skills.

I hope these tips and tricks make sense to you!

Why should I use Eye Of Reach

So what’s so special in eye of reach that you should use it:

  • It has a high damage output and holds 80 damage.
  • It scopes in quickly which also helps you in close-range fights.
  • Also, it has a long-distance range shot with no bullet drop until it reaches its maximum range. So it is just going to land perfectly at where ever you aim.
  • You can use it in island combat, works superbly there.
  • Good at combinations as it can be mixed with all weapons such as Sniper plus Sword, Sniper plus Flinklock, and Sniper plus Blunder.

Well, you can say it was a complete guide on Eye Of Reach where we covered how & why to use eye of reach. Talked about various techniques to make you better at using them and take your skills to the moon. For now, this was it I hope it solves all your misconceptions about Eye Of Reach and you get satisfied.

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